Schools across Britain use resources - books, lesson plans and activities - which sexualise children from a very young age.  The sale of these resources to schools, plus associated training and consultancy, is a profitable commercial activity.  Some resource providers have benefited from Government subsidies.

This page includes some examples of resources promoted to schools and the organisations behind them.

Primary Schools and Early Years Foundation Stage

The research leaflet Too Much, Too Young, compiled in October 2016, includes extracts from some local authority approved resources for use in their schools.  It is a good one-stop overview of the types of sex education resource in use in British primary schools.  For example, it includes diagrams and information from:-

  • Mummy laid an egg! by Babettte Cole ("Here are some ways mummies and daddies fit together"), age 5+.
  • How did I begin? ("as they cuddled, your dad's penis moved gently inside your mum's vagina and the sperms flowed out"), age 5+
  • Where did I come from? (" get really close the best thing he can do is to lie on top of her and put his penis inside her, into her vagina"), age 7+.  Also describes 'feeling tickly' and 'special kind of wriggling' feelings.

Secondary schools

What are they teaching your kids?


Examples of RSE resources currently in use in Britain

The Healthy Schools Croydon Sex and Relationship Education Scheme of Work for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 published 2008, believed still in use 2015 (full resource, 170 pages).  Explicit photographs of male and female genitalia for use in Year 5 are printed on pages 127 and 129.  Same-sex ‘marriage’ is normalised on page 139.  Includes lists of words children are expected to learn in each Year.   Pages 16 to 18 list books and further resources.  

Little Hill Primary School Sex and Relationships Education Policy.  A Leicestershire primary school.  See pages 8, 9, 10 in particular.

CHIPS v.4, March 2015 edition.  Detailed lesson plans, role plays etc.  Full of emotional conditioning.

CHIPS, Andrew Moffat.  Created 2016.  More lesson plans.

‘No Outsiders’ lesson plans, from the ‘Equalities Primary’ website.  More lesson plans on the website here.  More lesson plans in the book.

Educate and Celebrate.  Lesson plans available when the books are purchased.  Lists of books, and songs (with downloadable tunes and lyrics) are available on their resources page.  

The pedagogy.  See The Classroom website for an explanation of usualising and actualising.

Secondary schools  

The KS4 PSHE Study Guide, published by CGP, includes sex education in Sections 2 and 3.

The FPA website includes leaflets such as 4boys and 4girls.

Sex Education Forum

PSHE Association

UK resources - advice, good resources and keeping up-to-date

Resources and advice to help parents resist the sexualisation of their children by British schools are published on the ParentPower and websites.

Relationships and Sex Education: the Way Forward”, published September 2018 by Voice for Justice UK jointly with the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group.

The book “What Are They Teaching the Children?” published in 2016 Wilberforce/VFJ UK.

SPUC’s Safe at School resources.  They also produce regular RSE bulletins.

Family Education Trust.  Headed up by Norman Wells.  Worth getting their quarterly update newsletters: also available on the website.  Lots of excellent resources such as Too Much, Too Soon and Unprotected.

The SPUC Safe at School campaign.  SPUC have been very responsive to requests from parents for help resisting the sexual indoctrination of their children. 

Christian Concern, the Christian Institute and the Family Education Trust offer regular update emails and newsletters.

Lovewise.  Run by two experienced Christian doctors.  Excellent website and resources.  The booklet “True Love: What the Bible says about relationships and marriage” offers a counter to “all you need is consent/condoms/easy access to abortion”.  They also offer materials for schools and church youth groups.

A word about Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

UN-backed Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) sexualises children from a very young age.  CSE programs start from the premise (now shown to be false) that children are sexual beings from birth and so need to be taught about sex from as early an age as possible.  This is driven forward as a "children's rights" issue.

This short video, produced by the USA Family Watch International organisation, explains the origins, scope and aims of CSE:- 

Other videos about CSE (American origin but global relevance)

Here is a small sample of various CSE related videos and clips, including news reports, exposé films, actual videos from CSE programs, and recommended alternative videos on human sexuality from a family perspective.

THE G SPOT SHOWPlanned Parenthood Federation of America

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